01 What’s the Bible About… and intro…

We recently discovered that a young person close to us had the desire to know more about the Bible.  Truth be told, it was a slightly jolting moment, in that I (Chadwick) am nearing the completion of masters studies revolving around the Bible, and yet have not had… or been intentional enough about making opportunities for discussion about the scriptures to take place.


Predicating circumstances are an issue for that serve as roadblocks for this individual to be open to me for conversations about the Bible.


I am a pastor… with a bit of a knack for keeping conversations at a street level of understanding.


I am a pastor… who has been through a divorce, and perhaps lost some of that street cred when it comes to surface level understanding of Scripture.


I am a pastor…  at heart… none the less…


Regardless of the events that have played a role in this moment of time I find myself continuing to understand the Sacred Texts in… I still feel a calling to the Message of Jesus, the Trinity, the Gospel Narrative, humanity and grace… that can be communicated to this world, regardless of where we have been… and the sins that have caused separation between us… and a community of people that have questions that need to be answered.


I still feel a sense of responsibility to share what my training and experience has afforded me to share.  I also feel the pressure of a community, that because of our relationship genuinely feels as if though I need to remain silent.  What nearly two years of dealing with that tension has brought us to is this: the Message of a God who loves in tender ways, as well as tough ways hasn’t given up on us yet… and it is God’s story… through our experience… that needs to be told.


There are so many facets to God… and no one experience can box it up…


And therefore… from this context… we will take some time to communicate who God has been to us… and hopefully, through it all… something universal will match the rhythm of your life… your experience… in a way that allows  you to understand a bit more, this mystery… which is God.


We hope you will follow along… especially you… who feels as though the Bible is something you should be able to wrap your heart, soul, and mind around… just a bit more…

You are loved…

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