Simply The Garden

 StrawBale Garden:


Layout and Conditioning

Post Conditioning



Post Planting… Two Weeks

Post Planting… Four Weeks


photo 2

Peas, Cucumbers, Pumpkins, Beans, and Peppers

photo 1

Getting the Peas ready to be planted in their pods.

CYMERA_20140413_091542 CYMERA_20140413_091742 CYMERA_20140413_092029 CYMERA_20140413_092330 CYMERA_20140413_0925381797603_236558019885919_4162443529685011211_n10177879_236560449885676_3977133555725020330_n1506969_236895199852201_8947531290194571923_n10322793_236895346518853_8883945770320464552_n10268670_236895583185496_4820852645753264127_n10314715_236895743185480_4544030166023139685_n10344808_236896029852118_5860215307739246592_n10277772_237104306497957_8909294387296630140_n

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