01 What’s the Bible About… and intro…

We recently discovered that a young person close to us had the desire to know more about the Bible.  Truth be told, it was a slightly jolting moment, in that I (Chadwick) am nearing the completion of masters studies revolving around the Bible, and yet have not had… or been intentional enough about making opportunities for discussion about the scriptures to take place.


Predicating circumstances are an issue for that serve as roadblocks for this individual to be open to me for conversations about the Bible.


I am a pastor… with a bit of a knack for keeping conversations at a street level of understanding.


I am a pastor… who has been through a divorce, and perhaps lost some of that street cred when it comes to surface level understanding of Scripture.


I am a pastor…  at heart… none the less…


Regardless of the events that have played a role in this moment of time I find myself continuing to understand the Sacred Texts in… I still feel a calling to the Message of Jesus, the Trinity, the Gospel Narrative, humanity and grace… that can be communicated to this world, regardless of where we have been… and the sins that have caused separation between us… and a community of people that have questions that need to be answered.


I still feel a sense of responsibility to share what my training and experience has afforded me to share.  I also feel the pressure of a community, that because of our relationship genuinely feels as if though I need to remain silent.  What nearly two years of dealing with that tension has brought us to is this: the Message of a God who loves in tender ways, as well as tough ways hasn’t given up on us yet… and it is God’s story… through our experience… that needs to be told.


There are so many facets to God… and no one experience can box it up…


And therefore… from this context… we will take some time to communicate who God has been to us… and hopefully, through it all… something universal will match the rhythm of your life… your experience… in a way that allows  you to understand a bit more, this mystery… which is God.


We hope you will follow along… especially you… who feels as though the Bible is something you should be able to wrap your heart, soul, and mind around… just a bit more…

You are loved…

Confessional Living

Taking a good look in the mirror… acknowledging what is actually there… and then living out that vision can require a certain level of honesty that is often times not very easy to do.  Truth is that, what is actually there isn’t always pretty… and most people tend to only want to show what is desirable… not what is worn and tattered.

This way of living can be referred to as: confessional living.

Many of us at one point or another have had the experience of putting a great deal of energy into maintaining an image that life is better than what it actually is.  For many of us, this took the shape of covering up a bad relationship in the home so that friends and family members aren’t able to get a good glimpse into the separation that is being experienced between two people.

Sin is anything that breaks relationships.  We’ve all contributed to the breaking of relationships at some point.  Unfortunately… we’ve become better at covering up the sin than we have at letting a healing light be shed on it that we learn to become masters in masquerading.  ‘Nothing to see here.’ … and if there is nothing to see… well, there is nothing to confess.

With ‘nothing to confess’… the relationship will undoubtedly experience such a separation, that a breaking will take place.  And that is when all hell will break loose.

Forcing an exposure of that which was unconfessed or unseen can bring a level of violence at emotional, mental, sometimes physical, and spiritual levels that can wear down an individual rather quickly… but then again… you probably know that.

You need to be realistic about the nature of the broken relationship.  You’ve experienced them.  You may feel like it’s killing you.  But keep this in mind… the damage done to you is not the last word on your relationship with yourself, or with others.

You can be set free.

Below are five things to keep in mind as you adopt a confessional life, rather than a coercive, manipulative life that you hope will protect your image, or a relationship that is long since broken.

Be honest about the bad in your life.  Nobody is perfect, and every new day is an opportunity to come to terms with this.  It doesn’t matter the lies that may be spread about you… even if that is what is forming ‘popular’ or facebook opinion about you.  If you spend more time defending yourself against the voices of others… you will not take the time to be honest to yourself… about yourself.

Invite someone you trust to come in and look at the bad in your life.  We can get by with a little help from our friends.  In our relationship, we have a simple framework that provides the safety needed to come to the table who we are… no more, no less.  Three things: allow for randomness… no retreat… no judgement (see below).

Tell it like it is.  Within the framework mentioned above, you have space to not to have to be serious all the time, or just allow what comes to your heart/mind to come out (randomness)… you have the space to wrestle through running away from letting your voice be heard (no retreat)… you have the space to just be you without getting belittled or looked down on (no judgement).  I will expand this in a later post.

Lay down the power to control how others see you.  Some days may be easier to do this than others.  There is going to be a temptation to project upon others what you want them to see… but this is what tends to get us in trouble in the first place.  When we put a certain image out there, then we will eventually need to spend energy maintaining it… and then we lose sight of the honesty needed to be real with our self.  To remedy this temptation: nurture the close and safe relationships you have versus spreading yourself out there.  As you heal and strengthen in less relationship, you’ll have the ability to expand your boundaries (should you choose to).

Lay down the power to control how others see your abuser.  Chances are good, you’ve got haters on your hand.  Those who are not going to like seeing you find a life without them.  These people ‘know’ you… these people ‘know’ your buttons… these people ‘know’ how to keep you in your place.  You have probably spent a great deal of energy protecting these people over the years, and now that you have made the break from them… hell has been unleashed upon you.  This is the point where the abuser is able to become the ‘victim’ to family and friends… and you are going to want everyone to see these frauds for who they really are.  You are going to be tempted to beat the monster… by becoming the monster… at which point, you’ve played right into their hand.  Fight or flight are not the only two options… there is a third way…

(more to come…)