Simply About Us

Seven billion people in the world.  We are two of them.

We are about our kids.

We are about being simple.

We are about cheap wine in plastic cup, and tumblers filled with our favorite something.

We are about bonfires, jalapeño and cheddar brats, and smookies.

We are about food, and cooking in general.

We are not about manipulation or control, but are aware that it is something that is lurking in each decision.

We are about two tracks and combos.

We are about being good with words even when it drives others crazy.

We are not about living life on facebook, though we do shamelessly have a page (please like us).

We are about skill saws being used as tools.  We are not about children being used as tools.

We are about learning, and understanding in a deep way, that  what Love and God can do for us far exceeds anything that we have done or could do against Him.

We are about having our heart open for excessive, undeserved, and unexpected acts of love.

We are about praying as we notice life or its remnants all around us.

We are about touching the outcropping of things that others leave unnoticed.

We are about a salvation that encompasses unnumbered details of grace, of mercy, and of blessing that are appreciated and savored in moments that others… who have all the right  answers… simply let pass them by.