Consumption vs Creativity

The device that you are reading these words with contains more technology in it than the first spaceship that made it’s way to the moon.  That is staggering to consider.  In fact, the first computers that got the astronauts from earth, to the moon, and back were really nothing more that very powerful calculators.

Now a days, we need to search through the folders on our iPhones just to find the calculator app.

Truth is, we have an enormous amount of power at our fingertips every day.  One thing that we remind ourselves and the kids of often, is that the choices we make about what to do with that power is critical to what kind of life we will live.

It’s an amazing time in history that we have the ability to consume so much information.  But… we also have the power to create so much.  It’s also nice to do a little bit of both.

Let’s face it… who doesn’t mind a bit of mindless entertainment.  In moderation of course.

As parents in the early 21st century, our kids have all kinds of gadgets… and wifi available to them at the house.  You can imagine our challenge over summer vacation to get them to step away from all of that to go do the things we did when we were that age… like, go outside and explore.

Sometimes when we watch them around the house, it reminds us of the Matrix, as it appears that their brains are constantly being downloaded into with a whole host of information.  And if they put the devices down… get ready to hear that phrase, ‘I’m bored.’

We don’t ever remember throwing ‘I’m bored’ out as often as this generation does.

That’s the compelling part for us as parents:  With all of this technology at your fingertips… go out and create something.

Take pictures… make videos… facetime with a family member you haven’t seen in a while.  Find some ridiculous challenge and capture the moment.

There are apps for everything.  Do something with them.  A lot of money is spent on internet and cell phones each month… please do something other than watching 8 second clips of people riding skateboards into walls, and then laughing at him.  At least the dude who hit the wall was out doing something.

People… what are some things you do to bridge the space between Consumption vs Creativity with the technology you have in your home?


Saturday Snuggle 03.05.16


Michigan… oh Michigan… How bipolar are you?

Three times in the past two weeks, we have gazed out into our yard and seen all of the sticks on the ground from all of the high winds we got this winter… and then a snow covered landscape… and then all of the sticks on the ground from all of the high winds we got this winter… and then a snow covered landscape… and then all of the sticks on the ground from all of the high winds we got this winter… and then a snow covered landscape…

They say next week is going to be pretty warm… lets hope it sticks.

Not that it should make a big difference to us this weekend, anyways.  We are sick as dogs, and will be spending most of today undercover… either sleeping… or consuming fruits, veggies, juices, and media…

Let’s get started with a video:

This guys name is Randolph Arriola.  Found this video recently, and was like, ‘hell yeah…’ by the skill.  Then got interested in what kind of guitar he was playing.  Stopped by Quinn’s and they helped us identify it as a Godin.  Wheels started turning.  We plan on selling the Martin soon so that Chadwick can get his hands on one of these.


With spring approaching, now is a good time to start planning out that spring cleaning.  Check out this great post to get those wheels turning.

If you are in love… or hope to be… and you still read things called books… we highly recommend ZimZum by Rob and Kristen Bell.  Amy ordered this one for us last year and we cruised through it in a weekend.  Over the past couple weeks, it’s landed next to the coffee pot on the night stand, and will be picked up again.


And for those of you in between marriages… or into your second one… we know that many folks out there are already filling your head with the, ‘don’t you know that second marriages have a higher divorce rate than first ones?’  It’s one of those things you hear, but don’t really challenge.  Somewhere in the back of your mind can be all the tapes of what went wrong in the first marriage, and you have learned that you don’t want to go through that again.  But your friends… bless their hearts… don’t know what it was like to walk in your shoes in the first place.  Go ahead an politely tune them out… and then move forward.  Here is a nice short read to keep you encouraged as you look for love in all the right places.

To nurture some poetic culture into your life… we’ve taken a liking to Miss Sarah Kay as of late.  Here is a sample:

Also Michigan related this week: it’s time to vote in the presidential primaries on March 8.  Here are a few things you’ll need to know to be educated enough to get to your polling center.  How educated you are beyond that about the candidates or the process… that’s up to you.

Ok… it’s quite possible that climbing out of bed for a turkey sub from Maikes could be in order.  Peace…