#CutTheCrap Challenge – #CleanOutYourCar


We are going to keep it simple today.  These easier days are thrown in for when you are feeling lazy and don’t want to tackle the kitchen or the garage… but still want to feel like you accomplished something.

Because we live in an age where convenience has become a virtue, it is really easy for the cup of said convenience to overfloweth onto the floor and seats and any other spaces where junk can be crammed and forgotten about.

Perhaps we have all had that embarrassing moment while opening the car door, and out falls an empty can of soda from a week ago…


How about when you find out that you are going to need to be the one to drive a group of friends at a moments notice, and you start coming up with all of these apologies for the condition of the inside of your car… (have you ever blamed the kids for this one?)

French Fries and Chicken Nuggets stuffed in the creases… bottles rolling around at your feet.  The fragrant smell of a Sweet and Sour Sauce container that got flattened by something else that got shoved on top of it.

Enough is enough.  Take control.

  • Put those plastic bags from the grocery store that you have stuffed in some crevice of the kitchen somewhere.
  • If you are by yourself in the car, just go ahead and fill up the bag and throw it away immediately.
  • If you have a car full of kids, pass a couple of the bags to the back seat, and challenge them to have them filled up before you arrive at your destination.  And then dispose of them.
  • Open up the consul of the car and see what is in there.  Don’t get too sentimental about it.  You haven’t needed it up till now… you probably don’t need it now.
  • If you find a bunch of pop cans in the car, and you are not one who likes to stand at the machine and put them in for the deposit return (if you live in a state that has one), then just hand the bag off to someone who is going for the dime, and feel good that you help someone out.
  • Take those jackets, blankets, old tupperware containers into the house, and take care of them immediately.
  • and on… and on…

Do this in one sitting.  It should only take no more than 15 minutes… and if you are really feeling good about yourself, run the vaccuum through the car.

Pimp that ride out… even if your car is a piece of junk.  It is your transport… and you will feel better when you (or those friends) get in.

Turn the radio up… and go get you and your loved one some ice cream.

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Are you ready?… Let’s do this.

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