Stories… and the Curing of Soul


One of the most wonderful facets of the minimalist community… particularly in the blogosphere, is that we are able to offer mentoring, directions, friendship, and family to each other. We’ve all taken the risk of stepping away from over-consumption.

As we journey together, we give and take insight that eventually ends up leading to a place of wholeness and healing. It is a safe place, where we are able, as individuals, to address our own baggage, brokenness, distortions and longings. As we learn from others, we are able to follow our own life story a bit more, and to grow into the person we’ve been created to be.

It’s an amazing community.

As we write, share, and learn from all of you, there are a few questions that we keep in mind, that helps us to recognize and isolate our own desires, hungers, needs, convictions, areas of separation, and thirsts of our soul. They go a little something… like… this…

  • What are you longing for in life?
  • Where do you experience this longing in your life right now?
  • What do you think is at the heart of your longing?
  • Where does your mind go when it isn’t focused on this longing?
  • Where have you experienced pain because something/someone else has taken the place of really satisfying the longing?
  • Who do you want to be?
  • Where are you compromising in life instead of pursuing your longing?

Questions like these are what make up your story.  How would you answer them?

This blog has been an attempt to address these questions in the moment… and unpack what lies at the root of it all.  All that being said…

What is your story… we would love to know.  If you are able, tackle one or two of them in the comment section below… or email us.   It is our desire to offer you the opportunity to share your story… through blog post, YouTube video, podcast, etc…

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