Snuggling on Saturday: 10.4.2014

It’s beginning to feel a bit like fall up here in the mitten state.  Cooler, wet weather is in the forcast… which only encourages us to stay tucked away under the covers this morning… with the coffee pot brewing on the bedside table.  (Putting that coffee pot right next to the bed has proven to be one of our best ideas so far…)

Here are a few things we’ll be checking out this morning before we get the day rolling.

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The Instant Gratification Society

The Mantis and the Moon

Raising Daughters... In a world that devalues them…

On this day in History in 1957… Sputnik was launched:

If you are looking for a great addition to family get-togethers, or company potlucks this fall… you should really consider checking out Amys Better Than Pumpkin Pie Dessert.

Here is a great online jewelry store with handmade goods called Flying Fig.

…and just because… here are The Punch Brothers… talking about music.