06 What’s the Bible All About… opening number

Participation in musicals is an activity that some of our children find much enjoyment in.  The practice schedule is a long and tiring process that involves the coming together of many people learning their lines… songs… choreography… set design…techie stuff… and orchestral numbers learned by those in the pit.


The magic of theater for the audience is that when the lights go down in the room, they are looking forward to being whisked away into another time or place.  If all goes as planned… the play watcher will not even notice the intricate details that have been tended to by the actors, producers and directors.


Knick knacks on a bookshelf in the living room scene.


A bale of hay tucked away in the corner of the farm scene.


The way that the young couple in love holds hands… even if they are not the main characters in the drama.


Live theater is an art in the truest sense.


As an audience member of a musical… the experience begins… with the curtain closed… and the lights dimmed low.  It is then, that the unseen players… the orchestra members… begin a short number that serves as a medly of the themes to the bigger elements of the story that is about to be lived out in technicolor.  The audience may sit in the dark listening to this musice for a couple minutes… with anticipation… and wonder.  And just as you get settled in for the journey…


The curtain opens… Act 1… Scene 1.


This experience is quite similar to the way that the Bible opens up for us.  It employs words instead of music… but they are words of poetry… rather than scientific terminology or history…


Poetry by nature has a mysterious element that can relay truths that no other genre in literature can produce.  And maybe that is why the authors of Genesis (inspired by God) chose the poetic device… so that when we open the pages to this book… our hearts, souls, and minds would be opened to accept the awe and wonder of mystery.


This is probably a nice place to pause… because much debate has taken place over the scientific accuracy of the creation account found in Genesis 1.  I’m not going to spend a lot of time in this debate… because it deviates from the bigger point of the narrative that is about to unfold…


How does one argue for the scientific accuracy of a poem?


We don’t watch movies like, ‘Transformers’… and then treat them like documentaries…


We don’t listen to our favorite romantic songs with a loved one… and then use it as a means for determining our grocery list…


When it comes to Genesis chapter 1… there have been many attempts to read it as a history book… determining specifics like how many hours in a day… and how many days in a week… or what happened to the dinosours.


Genesis chapter 1… is a poem… designed to set the stage for a creative act… that was good…


Genesis chapter 1… has a rhythm and a medley… designed to open our hearts to a good God… who loves us…


03 What’s the Bible About… not going to judge you

As I set out to write these posts… I had to make some general assumptions about you, the reader.  I figure that if you are going to spend your time at this website… perusing these words and ideas… you must have some questions and/or are seeking some understanding about what the Bible is all about.


The Bible is just as much about how to live a spiritual life as it is ideas about God, humanity and creation.  I don’t assume that you will necessarily be able to adopt everything that is written here, and that you may not even agree with me along the way… and that is ok.


I have read the whole Bible… and have digested many books, videos and seminars about it.  I have many years of schooling that were intentional on understanding what this book means for our lives.  Many of the ideas and practices from those tools I have employed for understanding… I have dismissed because I too have not agreed with other peoples take on the Bible.


The influencers that I do keep by my side are few… and I regulary turn to their work for insight and understanding.  The three main players still ‘by my side’ in various media of study are Eugene Peterson, NT Wright, and Rob Bell.


Please send an email to chadwickandamy.com@gmail.com if you’d like to discuss that part any further.




A little about what I may or may not know about why you are still reading…  If any of the following ideas resonate with you… then these posts are for you:


  • You’ve heard about the Bible and are curious to know more because it is the central text to the Christian religion.
  • You see religious wars (whether geographical or ideological) on the news and you want to see what the big fuss is.
  • You are familiar with a few stories in the Bible (like Noah’s Ark… Jonah and the Whale… or David and Goliath)… and you’d like to understand more.
  • You are a person seeking a spirituality, and you want to know if the Bible can be a part of your journey.
  • You are a Christian, but have never been able to find a way to understand what the Bible is meaning to say from cover to cover.
  • You attend a church regularly… but still go home feeling like you don’t get it… and are missing something.
  • You’ve seen the Indiana Jones movies and wondered why that dudes face melts off near the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • You’ve seen those TV preachers and wondered, ‘What the hell?’
  • You’ve wondered if there really is a hell.


The list could go on and on… and one thing that I want to assure you of… is that no matter where you are coming from… no matter your questions or concerns… regardless of where you’ve been… you are welcome to be a part of this discussion.


I’m not going to judge you…


Now… how is this all going to be organized?