When we began our journey towards minimalism, there were a few things at play.  We were both going through a major life change that made it practical to live with less… and, we had come across some great blogs that began planting the seeds in our minds that this could become a lifestyle for us and our family.

…and so…

We inched our way into this way of life wondering what it really all meant.  We became slightly more intentional about pursuing more wisdom from others by actively seeking out writings and videos of those who went before us.  We began looking for ways around the home that we could begin living with less.  We began looking at how our time was spent, and made room for relationships rather than busyness.

There was a lot of analyzing that took place… and some small steps in actually removing the ‘stuff’ that didn’t belong.

We had a lot of success when it came to the use of our time, we both classify ourselves as lazy (tongue in cheek)… We like to be together, doing nothing too strenuous.  Amy has her camera.  Chadwick has his words.  We enjoy rides in the car.  We have a paddle boat and a few favorite small quiet lakes to float around in.  It’s a strain to schedule anything during the evening… ever.

As we moved ever so slowly into the decluttering of life, we began to see that it wasn’t about have perfectly clear counters, or empty shells of rooms… but it was about living intentionally cozy.

We like cozy.

One facet of our minimalist journey has been creating space for coziness.

Coziness of space.

Coziness of time.

Coziness of presence… with each other, and with those with whom we share time and space.

Whether it’s the perfect blanket to snuggle in… the scent of the candles that Amy brings home… or the fact that our coffee pot is set up right next to the bed so that we don’t have to travel very far on any given moment… we intentionally choose coziness as a way to define our minimalist life.

What say you?

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