StrawBale Garden: Post Planting Update 4 Weeks

Greetings curious StrawBale Garden friends.  A quick update on how things are going about a month after planting.

Overall, we are well please.

Everything that we put in the bales as ‘starts’ are taking off with a fury.  We are already starting to see some of the fruits of nature in the tomatoes, peppers, and jalapenos.  Zucchini are going crazy in leaf growth.

The plants that we put in as seeds are a bit of a mixed bag.  The cucumbers are especially behind, as are some of the peas.  We attribute that to some cold nights up here in West Michigan in the days immediately following the planting.  Thinking that some of the seeds got hurt.  So… prior to the video being shot for this post, we went back through at put some fresh seeds in to fill the gaps.  Should be early enough in the season to still get a harvest.

We’ll put up another update in a couple weeks.  Things should be really hopping by then.

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