#CutTheCrap Challenge: Clean the Garage Part 1


For many, the garage is the trigger that sets off the detonation to do something about all of the stuff that is compiling.  This area of the home can become the catch-all to many things… thus, making it one of the most intimidating areas to dive into and de-clutter.

For this reason, we will be splitting this part of the challenge into two parts.

Part 1: Disposal

Part 2:  Organize

We don’t know what you use your garage for.  So, we don’t know what types of things gets caught in its web of convenience for storage.  It can become the perfect ‘out of sight, out of mind’ for the items that  you don’t take the time to store or throw away… until months go by, and you discover that the garage looks like an episode of Hoarders.

Well… don’t panic.

For part 1, all we are going to do is go through the garage and  get rid of what can be gotten rid of.  Keep your eyes open for:

  • Pop cans that can be returned to the store or recycling center.
  • Empty boxes.
  • Trash that didn’t make its way to the dumpster.
  • Tools that are out of place that can be easily put back on the shelf.
  • Items that you have been intending on taking to a donation location.
  • That pair of scissors you’ve been looking for.
  • etc…

Part 1 of the garage clean up is simple: Get the obvious stuff out of the way, and do it immediately.

While you are doing this, chances are good that you are going to be have more detailed organizational thoughts running through your mind… and that is good.  But until you get through this round of getting the ‘junk’ out of there, don’t give in to the urge to start shuffling things around yet.

Dream for a while first about what you can actually do in the garage to make it a space that has purpose for your minimalist journey.  Then go on to PART 2… You’ll be glad you did.

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Are you ready?… let’s do this.


  1. Florida Minimalist · June 11, 2015

    The garage is one of two areas in my home I have no control over. My husband is not a Minimalist. He loves his stuff. He has tons of it in my opinion. However, in order to coexist, the garage and his media room (4th bedroom/man cave) are off limits to me. Luckily, he has a method to his madness and the garage is cleaned often. Very few things are ever gotten rid of, but it does, at least, look neat.

    • Chadwick and Amy · June 11, 2015

      Minimalism is an anomaly in thinking for many folks. As you mentioned in a comment on someone else’s site, to each dreamer their own dream… or something like that. We have a whole bunch of kids who are feeling the tug towards consumerism, and they often look at us like we’re crazy when we keep reducing all the stuff (whether its material, or less tangible… like how we use our time.) We keep a Culture of the Home at the forefront of all we do as we journey towards minimalism:

      Click to access culture-of-home.pdf

      Keep on keeping on.

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