#CutTheCrap Challenge – The Bathroom


Today is going to be one of the small room(s) in the house.  We have one of those 1 1/2 bath homes.  That means that we have one full bathroom that everyone wants to use… and a half a bathroom with a toilet and a shower that nobody really wants to use.  I (Chadwick) happen to like the shower only… but that is a tangent.

There are a couple steps to this process:

First – Clear off the Bathroom Counter Completely

  • Put everything from the counter in the middle of the bathroom floor… or in the bathtub/shower.
  • Identify only three things that you know that you absolutely need to have on the counter.
  • Put those three things on the counter, and leave everything else in the pile.

Second – Clear out the Bathroom Cabinets Completely

  • Put everything from the cabinets in the same pile as the counter leftovers.
  • Identify things that you haven’t used in six months, or have that dust that has been caked on by time and moisture.  You’re not going to use it.  Throw it away.  I repeat… throw… it… away.
  • Identify items that should be at home somewhere else: i.e. a bottle of prescription drugs that should be in the medicine cabinet in the kitchen.  Put them in a separate pile so that you can help them find their true homes.
  • Identify those ‘half-used’ bottles of… say… shampoo that made their way into the cabinet.  Combine them into one bottle and throw it into the camping gear or something.  No need to be wasteful.
  • Get creative with the forgotten ‘treasures’ you are finding… but don’t hang on to anything too closely.

The goal is to eliminate excess…

After you have filled another bag of junk that can be thrown away… find a home for what needs to stay.  Maybe throw away a little bit more.  Then, step back and breathe.

On a side note… should you find a bunch of half used colognes or perfumes… mix them together for a moment, and then cake it on, and go embarrass the kids.  Stink up the place… and then thrown it away.  This might as well be a fun process.

Ask yourself as you go… how much of _____________ do I really need?

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Are you ready?… let’s do this.

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