#CutTheCrap Challenge – 30 Days

keep-calm-and-cut-the-crap-39If you are like us, sometimes you look around your home and say to yourself: ‘Self… some of this crap needs to go.’  Our lives can get filled with a lot of crap that we don’t need, and over time, it manifests itself as a cluttered mess.

Well… don’t panic, you are not alone… and help is on the way.

Actually, there are a lot of great sites out there to help you unclutter your life, and chances are good that you have already spent much time surfing the world wide web in an attempt to find ways to:

  • Initiate a rhythm in your home to keep the clutter at bay.
  • Organize your home in such a way that everything has a place… and a purpose.
  • Deal with all that junk mail.
  • Simplify you financial matters to keep stress levels down.
  • Make your bedroom serene.
  • Keep things from falling out  of the cupboards in the kitchen when you are looking for that favorite seasoning, or top to the ‘tupperware’.
  • Know where all your tools are.
  • Not have to do the sniff test on the 20% of clothes that you wear 80% of the time.
  • …and on… and on…

At the end of this challenge, we should all find ourselves wasting less time on things that don’t matter… saving money… find new ways to do old things… organizing in order to stay organized… having more time to enjoy the areas of life that really do matter… live in an environment that is quieter, and more sane… and cultivating peace of mind.

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Are you ready… let’s do this.  You’re going to want to start HERE with the Reality ‘Check’ List.

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