vintage_20150106_112012_pictureAmy and I are enjoying our time at the Michindoh Conference Center in Hillsdale, MI.  This week represents the last residency I need to partake in to finish up the MSFL program through Spring Arbor University.

It’s been great to connect with Rob and Janet (part of the the original group of 21 conspirators that are all finished with the program… I think I’m bringing up the rear on this one).

Our main lecturer was to be Phyllis Tickle.  With sadness, however, we were told that her husband passed away last Friday so she is unable to attend.  Richard Foster arrived today, and will be doing a bit to fill in some of the space left in Mrs. Tickle’s absence.

The theme for the week is Christianity in the 21st Century.  I know this may sound like a yawner for many… I mean… who really thinks about that stuff other than church leadership, or a bunch of people gathering for a week at a retreat center in southern Michigan.  But… that’s us.

I hesitate to write a whole lot about the details of what we are discussing now… as it would probably serve to do more confusion than anything else.    Too many facets to unpack in one post right now.  I’ll figure out a way to communicate it later (maybe a video or two… or some audio recording).

Beyond all the academics… we are connecting with some beautiful people… hearing personal stories… and making new friends.

And the food is great.

And so are the daily naps.

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