Happy Birthday, Mom

The challenge of writing goes beyond piecing together nouns and verbs and adjectives to say something… It runs deeper than that… It’s about drawing from the heart… to paint a picture of what your soul is desiring to express…

With that…

Today is my mom’s birthday…

I am grateful for her… not in the things that she does… but for who she is.

Some have described a woman’s heart as a vessel that is at the same time perpetually overflowing with love for her children… and also longing to be filled with the knowledge of who the fruit of her womb are becoming.

Day to day life provides enough obstalcles to block off the relationship between a mother and her children… perfection is a high standard…

That doesn’t mean it is not possible.

My mom is and always been perfect for what I needed in life.

She gives without being asked…

She understands without having to know all the details…

She is patient even when the moment has passed…

She is present even when miles away…

I am grateful for her life… and aware that my appreciation for her is not even close to what it could be… or will become.

Mom… you are a beautiful woman… and I hope you have the happiest of birthdays this year.

Thank you…

One comment

  1. Anne Luchies · December 7, 2014

    A most beautiful tribute to your mother….

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