The Mocking Series: Culture of Home

We’ve entered into the merging of families point of this story.  After more than a year and a half since everyone knew about each other… and about 10 months after the kiddos were able to start feeling their way into this new mix of people, we understood the need to come up with a framework of sorts that we call… The Culture of the Home.

These types of transitions are fairly common in today’s society… but it doesn’t mean that they are easy.  There are many factors that go into how each of us transition into this new blended family.

From the individual personalities of each person involved in our home… to the differences in parenting and ‘marriage’ values and techniques from the past… to the conditioning that ex’s do during the times when we are apart as a family… we knew that we needed a compass that would guide us into loving the children and creating an atmosphere of grace and security in our home.

You can download our Culture of the Home at the bottom of this post…

But a disclaimer first… over the past year, we have encountered numerous times when things we have done have been laughed at or mocked.  It’s a psychological conditioning process… text book actually.  Get your subject to laugh at something, and then it is easier to control their thoughts about it.

We’d already caught wind that our culture of the home has been being mocked… which only proves the point that we need one.  So, in celebration of some of the anti-culture of our home we’ve experienced over the last year, here is a small list of some of the things that make our way into our home, that we need to stand against.

  • It’s ok to use peoples toothbrushes to clean the toilet.
  • Facebook is an acceptable place for you to blast others, but will get you grounded if you say anything about me.
  • I don’t care what you’ve experienced… that person is the boogey man.
  • It’s ok to say anything you want on facebook, so long as 25 percent of your posts that week are Bible verses.
  • Nicholas Sparks is gay… but she’s married now.
  • If you can convince enough people that you are a victim, then nobody really has to face reality.
  • Context means nothing… rewrite history instead.
  • It’s ok to insult anybody you want, as long as you chuckle and say, ‘just kidding’ afterward.
  • Always hire a lawyer.
  • Always shoot the messenger, especially when they are simply pointing out truth.
  • Get yours.
  • Family Guy really can be the compass for all relationships.
  • Sympathy is a sure fire way to perpetuate denial.
  • Religion is just a means of control and is not for us, unless we need to get her ass in line… at which point, a Dave Ramsey course on managing my… er… our finances is just what Jesus ordered.  Jesus changed my life.
  • I’m a changed man… because I said so.
  • It’s my way, or the highway… and oh… by the way…
  • Passive Aggressiveness is a Spiritual Gift… lol… just kidding…
  • When demonstrating how tough you are, always talk about someone… and not actually to them… because that would just be awkward.
  • Instill values into your children such as, ‘I expect that you tell me everything that happens over there, but keep your mouth shut about this house.
  • Being a minimalist is for people who can’t claim all the kids on the taxes first…
  • Always show your audience what a great victim… er… person you are.
  • Always delete text messages that would incriminate me… (I love you sweetie…)
  • If asked to talk about what is actually bothering you, just walk away or say, ‘stop making fun of ______________________’
  • If someone makes a valid point that makes you uncomfortable, accuse them of being a hater.

So anyway… here be our compass for a Culture of Home

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