While He Was Sleeping…

In the Old Testament story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden… there is an unspoken part of the narrative that is worth meditating on.  After everything was created, and Adam had named all the creatures, there was one piece of it all that God noticed was missing… and God declared that it wasn’t good.  Adam was alone.  There was not a helper/companion for Adam.

So… Adam was put in a deep sleep.  God used a rib to create this helper/companion… and she was known as Eve.

Here is where I find the ‘unspoken’… the gap if you will… in the narrative.

We are not given any indication of how long Adam was asleep.  We are not given any indication of how much time Eve had alone with God.  We are not given any indication as to the words that God breathed into her life… to show her who she was… what her value was as a woman… what her true beauty and value was to be as an individual, and as Adam’s partner.

Adam missed all of this while he slept… and when he woke up… he began the journey that every man must embrace: discovering the mystery of a woman’s heart.

It is a perpetual journey, that will never end.

A woman can be of value to a man by revealing this mystery to him in the safety of intimacy.  A man can be of value to a woman by living in constant pursuit of uncovering the mystery.  It is a dance that is meant to last a lifetime.

Men often say out of frustration that they do not understand women.  I say… don’t be frustrated… embrace the mystery and pursue.  She needs you too.

Please take some time to read the unedited version of Manifesto for Intimacy and Belonging Part 2 – Before the Shame of our Intimacy and Belonging series which takes a deeper look into the life of Adam and Eve.  Feel free to share it with others.

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