Moments That Need A Dance

The day had been long… different reasons for each of us.  Hers was filled with meetings and moving from here to there.  Mine was slower due to technical issues that didn’t have the functional pieces needed to set a decent pace at work flowing in consistently.  For each of us, the end of the day could not come fast enough.

It always comes though… and before you know it, we were sitting together at the table.  One set of hands holding our wine glasses… the other set holding each other’s.  Looking into eyes that were looking back with an exhale that we… had… made… it…

There were things to talk about.  “How was your day?”… “What’s up with so-in-so?”… “Did you hear anymore about…?”

The usual.

All good things to talk about, especially when you have your best friend there who genuinely cares… except for that one emotion that is sitting with you that says, ‘these conversations are great… but this isn’t what your really want.’

…and you know that you are both feeling it…

…you can see it in each others eyes…

…the unspoken, ‘honey, I need you…’

I am sure that this moment happens for millions of couples every day all around the world.  When you just need to arrive at a place you can let all of the events of the day just drift away… and you can rest your heart, mind and soul, with another.

Sadly… I know that this moment comes and goes all too often without the deep fulfillment that is needed to nurture our need for intimacy, because there are so many functional things that get in the way.  Or perhaps our fear of intimacy leads us to avoid this moment all together, and so we run to things that serve a function.


So, I scan the room.  The kids are content and occupied.  It’s been longer than two minutes since anyone ‘needed’ our attention.  I look to her and say, ‘would you like to dance?’

It was exactly what the moment needed.

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