In the missing…

Winter has set in upon us again.  It’s the second one where time and space keep us apart.  The circumstances are different this year.  At this time last winter, we were facing an end… thus preparing for a new beginning.

This time around, the snow that falls has found us snuggled together in our little globe at the end of the world, cherishing the moments under blankets… trying not to count down the moments we have left before we must ‘say goodbye’ till our next cherished week.

I’m reminded again of the importance of finding you in the missing.

Last year, it was my recorder and a book that touched my heart.

This year, the anticipated hunkering down with laptop and words.  Finding you in the missing.  I’ve looked forward to this time… to reflect and hope on where we’ve come, and where we are going.

It’s our love story.

It unfolds ‘as planned’… the anticipation of better tomorrows… the longing that comes amidst the times we are apart.

Traversing the landscapes of our hearts as we come face to face the demons that have shaped us for this moment.  Past mistakes and heartaches.  The reality we have come to face that are a result of our own sins… holding desperately for on to each other, knowing that there is nothing that we are battling that was caused by the other… hoping that we can press through, and not over.  Letting nothing get swept under the rug.

Though we have spent many nights apart already, this is the first of many that I am settled in to find you in the missing as the temperatures outside drop below freezing.

I find you again in the missing… and hold tightly to nature and purpose of who we are.  Looking for intimacy again… in present places where your hand is not there to hold.

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  1. Robert Alan Rife · December 15, 2013


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