Vulnerable Places

There are shadows in the places of our lives where light desperately needs to shine.  This creates a bit of a tension within us, because at times the darkness is welcome, as it is easier to hide when visibility is limited.  The sounds of others making their way into our presence in these covered places reminds us of the shame that we feel.

We hide.

It’s easier to hide from others than it is from ourselves.  At best, we can keep others at a distance and not have to worry about the exposure that company brings.

I’m reminded of the story in the ancient book of Genesis where God’s presence in the Garden of Eden created a response in Adam and Even… to hide.  A quiet inquiry into the reason that the couple was avoiding their Creator brought the words from Adam’s mouth:  ‘We hid because we heard you coming, and we were naked.’

God responds with a simple question, to which no answer came: ‘Who told you that you were naked?’

The answer is simple… Adam told Adam that he was naked.

Adam didn’t need any help when it came to recognizing the fact that he was separated from God… nor himself.  He just didn’t choose the salvation that comes from moving towards intimacy.  He hid… then he deflected, and began pointing fingers.

It was God who said things were not good for Adam to be alone.

It was God who gave Adam the woman… who in turn handed him the fruit.

Shame created separation.

Sin had a place to take root.

Sin is not so much the breaking of a rule… but the breaking of a relationship.  Choosing to live in sin is not so much choosing to continue to break rules… but choosing to live in the shadows of separation.

When we come face to face with the deeply rooted places in our lives that feel the pain of shame, it is best to resist to run and hide… or deflect the pain on to someone else.  Wait.  Believe that Love has your best interest at heart.  Healing comes at the place we fall.  Let someone catch you.

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