Conversations with Friends

In the company of those who give attention the the particulars of life, conversations with friends has always held for me the same feelings that I imagine are experienced by those who gather at the local bar for Sunday’s football game.  In detail, we are able to recount over and over again the specifics of what is happening right in front of us… memories of great moments gone by… and the hope that maybe this year, it will happen.

Sometimes we just watch… sometimes we argue… often we will throw our observations and opinions and general discourse of the players in ‘the game.’  It’s easy to size up the level of knowledge everyone has in the intricacies… and the booze on hand lends itself to moments of courage or foolery.

Whether its the game of pigskin, or the game of life, these living commentaries of ‘the game’ know the fine print layed out in the rule book, and even understand how the conditions on the field will effect the practical way in which things will be played.

These people care.

In life, there are a handful of people that show the evidence that they are in this with you.  Not content with just the bare minimum, these friends probe and observe and question the narrative that is unfolding on the field of your live.  They are absorbed.

Thank you for chewing on the morsels of wisdom… for your interest in the sweet truths that are nestled in the stories… for the counsel you offer as a friend.

Thank you, Rob.

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