On being human


On a hike the other day, keeping company with my camera, I suddenly stumbled upon a couple of young humans…ahem…enjoying each other’s company quite strenuously.  Blushing furiously, I turned about face and fairly sprinted back in the direction I had come to give them privacy.

I understand this process from an intellectual perspective, but I was surprised (and a bit alarmed) how much it disrupted my peaceful afternoon hike.  Not that I was bothered or disgusted by their behaviour, but that I have never been a part of something similar.  And, occasionally, when I lift my head up from the leaves and flowers, it worries me.

How could I have reached such a mature age without even knowing how to kiss?

This seemingly silly question is troubling because leads to other worries; for example, that I am missing out on something so fundamental to human existence.  And that I have…

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