The Checklist.

♥ Whispering Vanity ♥

How often do we make checklists of our needs?
Not very often, right?
But before you go on creating one, make sure you know what to include & what’s just not applicable.


Here are 14 things that are too important to be oblivious to in life :

1. Being fully present to someone in the moment, whether that’s hugging your love in broad daylight or a conversation with your best friend.

2. Being okay with the connections that don’t last a lifetime and enjoying the time you get to spend with people for what it is, as these are the ones that will make lifelong memories to replay in the coming years.

3. Knowing what your boundaries and limits are — the things you’re okay with and the ones you are never gonna put a thinking cap for.

4. Allowing yourself to get angry when you need to let your feelings out and…

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