How We Know

All of us have a way of knowing what we need to know in order to get through our day to day.  Some of us have sought academics.  Some of us have sorted through the experiences of life that come our way with the intention set on making sense and learning from them.  Some of us employ the gift of intuition.  There is no way of knowing that is superior to another… and often times there is a blending of what is useful in certain circumstanses.

Typically, we will tend to operate in one way more than another until we are able to migrate freely in all ways.  In a world that puts great stock in harnessing what can be seen and touched, those who are able operate in the more intuitive gifts find themselves misunderstood and running the risk of judgment.

For those who operate through experiences, there is need for a continual reminder that common sense needs to have a place at the table.

It is important for each of us to recognized the value of our approach, with a sensitivity to the ways in which others may be different from us.  This will allow us to approach the same issue together, and give value to others approach, even though there may be a different approach or angle being noticed.

Value to approach needs to be given equal value, even when someone else may be noticing different facets.  We will all benefit in the long run.  It is not always ‘what’ is learned that is most important… but ‘how’ we learned it.

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