Where there is suffering…

_DSC0108If you’ve ever been going through a rough or foggy time, you may be familiar with the fact that other peoples attempts to help can sometimes be bungled up a bit.

When there is sickness, depression or pain, the least helpful phrase can be ‘everything is going to be ok.’

Truth is, everything may be ok… and we know that.

However, everything in that immediate situation may not be ok… and we know that, too.

It is in those moments, that what we really need from those close enough to be in the core of our suffering is someone who will be patient and courageous enough to sit with us… to be with us… in what we are going through.

It is important that we give each other the honor of just paying attention.

Laugh with each other when there is happiness.

Shed tears with each other when there is sorrow.

Listen to each other… even when there is silence.

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