Rough Draft Thoughts on Intimacy… part 1

Almost everything that we do affects each other either in a positive way, or a negative one… and then there is an effect: how do I feel about you?

Keep things flowing in the positive, and you’ll stay in love.

Allow things to flow in the negative… well… we all know what separation feels like.

This isn’t rocket science or brain surgery, but we’ve all had that moment when we’ve looked across the room at someone we care about and asked, ‘what happened to us?’  Keeping it together doesn’t happen all by itself.  There is a level of intentionality, that, if nurtured will ensure that separation doesn’t become the norm.

Whether we like it or not, there is a place inside of us that records all of the encounters that we have with others.  Within those records are imprints of the type of encounters that we have had with others… we remember at some level how our interaction with that person effected us.

When the encounter is positive, our emotional needs are met… and intimacy becomes the glue that binds us together.

When the encounter is negative, our emotional needs are left unmet… and intimacies binding nature is weathered and over time eroded.

When our emotional needs are met and intimacies binding properties are strong, we will experience romantic love.  When our emotional needs are not met and intimacies binding properties are not strong, we will experience hatred and bitterness.


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