Are you REALLY listening to me???

Practicing the art of listening.

Culture Monk

im still listening to you.....really

By Kenneth Justice

~Have you ever felt like someone wasn’t listening to you? Have you ever felt whenever you’re away from a loved one or a friend that they don’t spend even one minute of their life thinking about you?

Last week I shared an example of standing outside of The White House and feeling entirely disconnected from what was going on in the inside. It’s only natural that many of us feel that our leaders don’t listen to us or don’t give a damn about what is happening outside of their little political world…after all, Governments have become so big they can’t be responsible with paying attention to all of us……or can they?

To be honest with you, I often feel a bit overwhelmed in my little blogging world here. If my Website was the only aspect of my life I had to think about, then I would…

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