Everyday human concerns

_DSC0010A highly functional environment requires a project manager who will oversee the bottom line and order up more busywork to keep things moving along efficiently.  By providing definition to a situation, they are able to create a clear-cut list of actions that will produce the satisfaction of a job well done.

In such an environment, what matters most is what you are capable of doing, not necessarily who you are.  In matters of intimacy, the suggestion to do something is nearly always inappropriate.

We go through plenty of long stretches in our life without being aware of the presence of love in our midst.  Our search for knowing and being known, then belonging by and to another person often times gets replaced with a pursuit of money, sex, work, children, parents, various causes, competitions, education, etc… There are so many things in which we have to deal with, not all of which are intrinsically bad, but can become absorbing.  We have all been given the gift of time, and intimacy is the path that will lead us towards purpose.

Every so often, a moment comes that reminds us that it is love and intimacy that we desire, and we put on the lens of proper perspective in which we are willing and able to lay aside all of the things that have become diversions of efficiency.

We ask questions that come from our search for meaning.

A functional project manager for life is not going to be able to administer a task list go give us what we seek.  Instead we must learn to steep our lives in intimacy… initiatives of love… the trust that their are provisions for our heart that will give us the peace and security to not worry about anything else we may be missing out on.

In intimacy, we find all of our everyday human concerns met.

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