Best Friends

_CSC0063In seeking to answer the question of what to invite into the place within us that nurtures intimacy, where we are able to be known by another, and in turn know them, most of the time we are able to determine or feel what is best for us.  However, sometimes we do find it difficult to make the right choices.

Relationships are created that leave us feeling empty. Perhaps for a time, the flame between us burns and then quickly or unknowingly fades into a smoking remnant of what was. This is why it is important to search deep into ourselves to discover the areas of healing that have gotten buried or tucked away.

Searching for areas where healing is needed within is often avoided for many reasons, most of which come down to a lack of intention and the almost natural ability to deflect the cause of our brokenness to some ‘other’.  Rather than deal with the root of the shame we may feel crouching in the shadows of our soul, we will medicate it with an indulgence of technology or blame.  In the mean time, an area that is crying out for love and attention comes to accept as normal the separation that exists between so many of us who live in relationships of convenience.

Separation is the antithesis of intimacy.

How many times from this numb existence have you at least whispered to yourself, ‘I’m not living who I am… there must be more than this…’?  This end of the rope place in your being can be the voice you need to hear that will provide a lens for what is really happening.

It is time for exploration.

Meditation and companionship are two  essential elements to navigating the inner places of the heart.  This spiritual direction is not necessarily dependent upon someone who is formally trained.  A journey to the heart is best done in the context of friendship.  The only requirement is an intentional attentiveness to the common places of your life that you willingly give attention to, and more importantly, to the places that are normally kept in the dark.

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