_CSC0186It is a special place where our needs and wants intersect in the purest of ways.  Often times, we are made to feel a sense of guilt or selfishness when we express the inner desires that many would categorize as wants.  Granted, it is easy to lose sight of the simplicity of life in such a way that the basics are drowned out by the excesses of all that we have at our disposal, and our wants do indeed become an unhealthy motivator for accumulating more things.  Things have a way of depersonalizing the very nature of who we are as people.  But they are a handy anecdote for the deficiency we feel when our needs are neglected.

At the core of who we are, is a desire for intimacy.

It is in intimacy where our needs and wants can be brought together in a way that brings fulfillment.  Human love… the comfort of trust… an inner atmosphere of joy.  These are the elements of life which call to us ever so softly from the depths of our soul.  It is from this place that we live outward.  It is into this place that we invite ‘the other’ into, with the hope that whatever gains access there, will not exploit or control.  Intimacy is what makes us more human.  Companionship with another person is where intimacy is nurtured.  This is our most basic need.

It is because we are human, that we have the ability to choose what we allow from outside of ourselves to intermix with the delicate areas of our soul.  The most fundamental question we should consider then when bringing the outside in, is… ‘What is going to make me more human?”

Often times, this question is answered by accumulation or experiences that we hope will allow us to do more and better things.  What we really long for is a human touch… meaning… and the knowledge of what it is to be and receive a blessing from another.

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